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Megan Fox Joins the Upcoming Season of NEW GIRL

Megan Fox is going to take a break from fighting Decepticons and eating pizza with teenage mutant ninja turtles to slum it with the New Girl gang. Fox will appear in part of New Girl's upcoming fifth season while Zooey Deschanel is on maternity leave, according to TVLine.

Fox will appear in multiple episodes as Reagan, a gorgeous, straight-shooting pharmaceutical sales rep who comes to town on business and shakes things up in the loft when she rents out Jess’ room while she is sequestered on jury duty. She’ll first appear in Episode 6. (Deschanel pre-taped five Season 5 episodes last spring before taking off on maternity leave; she gave birth to a daughter in early August.)

“It’s insane to me that such a gorgeous person can be so funny, but I guess we just all have to accept it,” noted executive producer Liz Meriwether in a statement. “I’ve been a fan of her comedic skills since This is 40, and I’m so excited to have her on the show. We had Megan in mind when we wrote this part — she’s the perfect person to come in and shake these guys up.”

Fox (the network) is holding off the new season of New Girl until January, which will allow the network to run the season without interruption. Weird breaks have plagued New Girl over the past few seasons, killing any momentum the show had going while going on hiatus for a few weeks.

Fox (the actress) is no stranger to TV. The actress was a main character on Kelly Ripa's Faith & Hope and has appeared in episodes of What I Like About You and Two and a Half Men.
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