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Pixar Reveals TOY STORY 4 Plot and Poster

When Pixar announced that Toy Story 4 was in the works, one of the big questions surrounding the movie was "Why?" Toy Story 3 was such a perfect ending for the franchise, and while Pixar has released several Toy Story animated shorts and specials since then, that movie capped the series in a way that most franchises would envy. Would Toy Story 4 disrupt that ending?

We got some new info over the weekend during the D23 Convention. Walt Disney Animation Studios CEO John Lasseter revealed that Toy Story 4 will be a love story between Woody and Bo Peep.

"It's a love story with Woody and — and this is news — Bo Peep," Lasseter told CNBC.

Bo Peep was a major character in the first Toy Story and appeared in Toy Story 2 but had disappeared by the time Toy Story 3 rolled around. She clearly wasn't in the box of toys that Andy gave to Bonnie at the end of Toy Story 3, so how will the fourth Toy Story movie fit into the series?

"As we were looking around we came up with this idea because Bo Peep was not in Toy Story 3, and it actually worked beautifully into this," Lasseter said during a chat with Collider, "so Woody and Buzz Lightyear go out to find Bo Peep and bring her back, and it’s a very special and emotional love story. But it's extremely funny too."

We also got our first look at the poster for Toy Story 4 ... which is pretty much what should be expected based on the posters for the first three Toy Story movies.

Toy Story 4 will open on June 16, 2017. Lasseter will return to direct, with Josh Cooley as his co-director. Rashida Jones and Will McCormack are writing the film's screenplay.
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