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Charlotte McKinney Is GQ's 'Girl of the Summer'; Wants Guys to Stop Taking Selfies

The "Charlotte McKinney is the new Kate Upton" theme continues. A few years ago, GQ slapped Upton on the cover of its big summer issue, and today the magazine declared McKinney its "girl of the summer."

Yes, there a pictures, but GQ also posted a lengthy interview with the supermodel. It sounds like McKinney's previous claims that she wanted to transition into comedy are true, as she continued to bring that up with GQ.

"Modeling will always be my passion," McKinney told GQ. "But after seeing how bored and used to it I got, I did a small thing on Comedy Central for Tosh.0, and then I was hooked. I love being on-set with funny guys, I like being on-set with camera guys. And then I did Joe Dirt 2 with David Spade, and the second I got on that set, I was just laughing."

McKinney also took a shot a Dancing With the Stars, saying: "They just typecast me as the blonde bimbo. They're filming you all week during practices, and then they make a package for you. And it's just what they want to see! And so that really hurt me. Because every week, they would make it look like I was on my cell phone during this or that. If you're dancing every day for weeks on end, you're gonna look at your phone."

The biggest takeaway from McKinney's interview with GQ? Guys should stop taking selfies.

"If I see a guy who has selfies [it's a dealbreaker]," McKinney said. "It's so uncomfortable. What if you walked in on your boyfriend, like, [holds phone out, does duck-lips]? No. All the GQ readers need to know, you can't do that anymore."

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