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Tom Hanks in Talks to Play Miracle on the Hudson Pilot Sully Sullenberger

Tom Hanks has already played a boat captain who saved his crew from pirates. Now the actor is in talks to play a captain who saved an entire airplane of passengers. The Captain Phillips star is in negotiations with to play Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger in as director Clint Eastwood bring's the story of the pilot's safe landing on the Hudson River to cinemas, according to Deadline.

Eastwood boarded the project recently, re-teaming with Warner Bros., the studio for which he made Oscar nominee and box office smash American Sniper.

The idea of putting Eastwood and Hanks on the film to bring the Miracle on the Hudson to the big screen is one of the most Oscar-baity plans I've ever seen. Thanks to American Sniper, we know that Eastwood can tap into the American desire to see real-life heroes in movies. And thanks to Captain Phillips, we know that Hanks can nail this kind of role.

The Miracle on the Hudson was a news story that resounded extremely well with people. I was the front-page designer at the newspaper I used to work at when this story broke. We were wrapping up the afternoon news meeting when a few of us looked up at the big TV over the news desk to see an airplane sitting in the middle of the Hudson River. It was amazing that we got to put a happy ending in the next day's newspaper. Expect the movie to perform just as well.

Eastwood will direct from a screenplay by Todd Komarnicki. The screenplay will be based on the book Highest Duty: My Search For What Really Matters, written by Sullenberger and Jeffrey Zaslow. I have a feeling that Highest Duty won't the name of the movie itself — that sounds like a sequel to Super Troopers where the characters become air marshals. How can you pass up calling a movie about Sully Sullenberger Miracle on the Hudson?
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