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LEGO Comic-Con Exclusive Revealed: Throne of Ultron Available for Lucky Fans

A handful of lucky fans will soon be able to add a new LEGO set from Avengers: Age of Ultron to their collections. The Hollywood Reporter revealed on Friday that LEGO's San Diego Comic-Con exclusive set this year will be Throne of Ultron.

The set will retail at Comic-Con for $39.99 and consist of 203 pieces. It looks like the Ultron minifigure available in Throne of Ultron is the same version of the character that came with The Avengers Quinjet City Chase (76032). The three Ultron Sentries included in the SDCC exclusive set are almost the same as the minifigs that came with Iron Man vs. Ultron (76029) but with a neck piece added on.

This is a cool set, but it's one that the average LEGO fan will never have a shot at acquiring. Exclusive LEGO set like this one exemplify everything that's wrong with convention exclusives. Any time a studio or a toy company offers something as a convention exclusive, they're saying that the people who could take time off for work, travel across the country and fork over the cash needed to attend a convention are better than the fans who couldn't do anything. If you're a studio or a toy company that releases a convention exclusive trailer, footage or product, you're encouraging the idea that some fans are better and more deserving fans that the rest of us.
LEGO Comic-Con Exclusive Revealed: Throne of Ultron Available for Lucky Fans Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 6/13/2015 Rating: 5

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