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JURASSIC WORLD Opens With Historic $204.6M Weekend; Sets Worldwide Opening Record

By the time we get the actual box office numbers from this weekend on Monday, the Internet will have run out of dinosaur puns to describe Jurassic World's opening weekend. The fourth Jurassic Park earned an estimated $204.6 million at the domestic box office, good enough for the second best weekend ever. Jurassic World trails only The Avengers' $207.4 million — a record that some analysts think could still topple if Jurassic World's Sunday numbers were underestimated.

After turning in the third best opening day in history on Friday ($82.2 million), Jurassic World roared to the biggest Saturday day ever, raking in $69.7 million. Providing the estimates hold up, that number will beat the previous record holder, The Avengers with $69.6.

If all this was historic enough, Jurassic World also became the first film to open globally with more than $500 million its first weekend. The film took home $511.8 million worldwide.

What Jurassic World did this past weekend is still a shocker. We knew the movie was going to be a hit when analysts started talking about a $100 million opening weekend a few weeks ago. Over the week leading up to Jurassic World's release, those number climbed higher. $125 million. $135 million. No one — NO ONE — ever imagined that the fourth installment of a franchise that had been dead for a decade would challenge the all-time opening weekend record.

Going into the summer, the question on box office fans' minds was whether Avengers: Age of Ultron could take down The Avengers' opening weekend record. Turns out we were all watching the wrong sequel.

If there was any question before Jurassic World absolutely obliterated the box office this weekend, Chris Pratt is a movie star. In fact, he might be one of the few movie stars we have left. He now has two megafranchises, Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World, and is still rumored to be on the verge of adding Indiana Jones to his portfolio too.

I'm pretty sure that Colin Trevorrow set a near-unbreakable record for box office performance between a director's first and second film. Trevorrow's freshman outing, Safety Not Guaranteed, opened with $4 million in 2012. Jurassic World beat that by over $200 million.

Pixar releases Inside Out next weekend, and it looks like that'll be the first film from the studio to not debut at No. 1. Inside Out would have to deliver a Toy Story 3-esque opening weekend ($110.3 million) and Jurassic World would have to take quite the tumble to change that.
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