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Watch the First Trailer for STEVE JOBS

There is proof that the Steve Jobs movie exists. The first trailer for the film debuted on Sunday night, giving us a look at the often-delayed Steve Jobs.

Aaron Sorkin began writing the screenplay for Steve Jobs several years ago, basing the film of Walter Isaacson's best-selling biography. The film began its life at Sony Pictures, but after a string of bad luck — changing directors from David Fincher to Danny Boyle, switching from Christian Bale to Leonardo DiCaprio back to Bale before settling on Michael Fassbender to play Steve Jobs — Sony dropped the project. Universal stepped in to give Steve Jobs a second life.

And now we finally have a trailer.

The movie will focus on three key points in Jobs' business life: The introduction of the original Mac, the indirection of The NeXt computer and the introduction of iMac. Flashbacks will fill in Jobs' life story around those events.

Steve Jobs isn't going for a perfect impression of its namesake. We're going to see Fassbender bring the spirit of Jobs to the big screen instead of pulling an Ashton Kutcher and growing a Steve Jobs-esque beard.

In addition to Fassbender, Steve Jobs stars Kate Winslet as Joanna Hoffman, Seth Rogen as Steve Wozniak and Jeff Daniels as John Sculley. The movies opens on Oct. 9.
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