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Joseph Kosinski Will Direct TRON: LEGACY Sequel

Get ready to return to the Grid. Disney is ramping up production on a third Tron movie. There's been some chatter online about this news over the past few days, and on Wednesday TheWrap reported that Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski would be back to helm the next installment of the franchise.

There isn't much more news beyond Kosinski's return to report. Tron: Legacy star Garrett Hedlund has previously said that he's on board for another Tron sequel. That was back in 2012, but based on the way Tron: Legacy ended, Tron 3 would really need Hedlund to carry on the Sam Flynn storyline.

A Tron sequel has supposedly been a priority for Disney for several years now. We got reports that the studio had put Tron 3 into production in 2012, but there's been little official word on the movie since then. When Tron: Legacy hit theaters, Disney's purchase of Marvel was still fresh and the company had yet to add Star Wars to its portfolio. There isn't the dire need to grow Tron into a franchise at this point for Disney.

No word yet if Tron: Legacy stars Jeff Bridges and Olivia Wilde will be back. There also hasn't been any news about Daft Punk returning to score another Tron movie, but after the duo made its mark with the Tron: Legacy soundtrack, a new Tron movie without Daft Punk would be absurd.
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