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COMMUNITY Gets the LEGO Treatment Thanks to Custom Builder Eric Stevens

Forget six seasons and a movie. Lego pop culture mastermind Eric Stevens has given Community something just as cool: The show's characters and iconic study room in Lego form.

"I started working on it just after Season 5 started, with everyone asking me 'what are you doing next?' while Downton Abbey was still getting a lot of attention, and it just seemed like a fun project," Stevens told Popculturology. "Once the basic structure was up, I realized there were a lot of opportunities to fill it with jokes, and I got to re-design some of the actual artwork from the set."

Stevens has already garnered attention for his super-detailed Lego takes on Downton Abbey and Seinfeld. Community is probably the most pop culture friendly show that Stevens has turned his skills on yet.

Unlike the season of Community that will debut on Yahoo Screen next week, Stevens' version still has the full group of Greendale characters together. That includes Chevy Chase's Pierce Hawthorne, who Stevens said mostly got him to watch the Community series premiere.

Stevens has been working on his Community Lego build since last January, starting the project shortly after Downton Abbey went viral.

"I worked on the minifigures about a year after designing the study room. With the show being canceled and uncanceled, and a release date always being vague and then changing, I kept putting it off. I would find a part and keep it in mind for later, but it actually worked out to my benefit to release this so much later than I expected," Stevens said. "Unlike Downton and Seinfeld, the Community cast has some diversity, and Troy, Shirley and Abed, being non-white characters, were a challenge. I got lucky and two new minifigures were released in the Superheroes theme in January that gave me perfect heads for Troy and Shirley, but I'm still not happy with Abed's face. There are a few minifigures in the upcoming Jurassic World theme that look like they would be good matches, so I think Abed will get an upgrade this summer when those are available."






Check out more images of Stevens' Lego take on Community.

The series makes its Yahoo Screen debut on Tuesday, March 17.
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