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Your Day in Pop Culture (Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015)

Famous People Have Birthdays Too
1943: Blythe Danner, actress (Will & Grace, Meet the Parents series)
1950: Morgan Fairchild, actress
1970: Warwick Davis, actor (Star Wars series, Harry Potter series, Willow, Leprechaun series)

Who's on What Tonight: Your Guide to Late-Night TV
CONAN: The Walking Dead's Steve Yeun, Mark and Jay Duplass
FALLON: The Ellen Show's Ellen DeGeneres, musician Neil Young, Doc Severinsen
LETTERMAN: Dr. Phil's Phil McGraw, Robin Tunney, musician Diana Krall
KIMMEL: Jupiter Ascending's Mila Kunis, Better Call Saul's Bob Odenkirk, musician Charli XCX
MEYERS: Debra Messing, Horatio Sanz, chef Mario Batali
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