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Donald Glover Talks Spider-Man Reboot, Possible Return to COMMUNITY

The last time Sony rebooted the Spider-Man movie franchise, Donald Glover found himself right in the middle of that process thanks to a social media push to cast the then-Community star as Peter Parker. Glover himself embraced the push, building his Twitter movement around the #DonaldForSpiderman hashtag.

When it comes to replacing Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man enters the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though, Glover has been remarkably absent. In fact, the actor/rapper has all but shut down his once-vibrant social media presence.

The Daily Beast sat down with Glover to talk up The Lazarus Effect, his upcoming film, and managed to get a few of his thoughts not just on Spider-Man but also on a possible return to Community.

"It would be cool for them to go with something different. To be real, I'd be honored to play it, but I just want to see the best choice," Glover said in response to The Daily Beast suggesting that Sony and Marvel could go with Miles Morales instead of Peter Parker for the reboot. "I'd love to see any young guy do something interesting — that goes for the director, Spider-Man, Mary Jane, etc. I just want interesting choices that make people question things. ... It will be nice to see what Marvel does using him — especially in The Avengers universe."

All the rumors we're hearing about the Spider-Man reboot point to Marvel and Sony sticking with Peter Parker while casting a younger actor to play the role. I agree that Miles Morales would shake things up and do something we haven't seen in a Spider-Man movie yet, but establishing Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe seems like the first priority for the two studios. Glover is 31 — the same age as Garfield. If the latter is too old to play the new Spider-Man, Glover would be too.

Community finding new life on Yahoo Screen has given fans of the show reason to celebrate, but the move comes with just four of the original study group members still on board. In addition to Glover leaving last season, Yvette Nicole Brown also left the series. Is there a chance Glover could return to Community?

"I talk to a lot of those guys and I'm supposed to be hanging out with them soon, so if the right thing came along," Glover told The Daily Beast. "[Dan Harmon] is really good at flipping that stuff and making it not feel like, 'The episode where he comes back!' They're really good at knowing how television works and, for lack of a better word, how to pervert it. If it was right I'd do it."

Community returns on March 17, but so far there's been no word that Glover will be back for any part of it.
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