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Emily Blunt in Talks to Join THE HUNTSMAN

Emily Blunt proved her action flick bonafides with Edge of Tomorrow (or, as the kids like to call it, Live Die Repeat), which makes it no surprise that the actress in talks to join Liam Hemsworth in The Huntsman. The movie is the sequel to Snow White and the Hunstman and the result of what happens when Kristen Stewart isn't asked back for another installment.

Blunt would play the Snow Queen and sister to Charlize Theron's Ravenna, according to TheWrap. The Huntsman will focus on Hemsworth's title character as he goes looking for the magical mirror from the first film and faces the Snow Queen. Did Universal originally plan on using a Snow Queen in this movie or did that development come after Disney's Frozen became a massive hit? Pretty coincidental, huh?

TheWrap also reports that director Frank Darabont has quit the project, leaving the studio scrambling for a new director.

The Huntsman is set to open on April 22, 2016. By then, there's always the chance that Marvel Studios will have announced that Blunt is starring in Captain Marvel, making her an even bigger star.
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