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Spider-Man Joining THE AVENGERS Could Still Happen; Marvel Wants a New Actor

There's a chance Spider-Man could still be coming home to Marvel Studios. Even though the original deal that would see Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios working together didn't happen, Latino-Review reports that the turmoil at Sony, recently exposed by a massive email hacking, could finally make a deal a reality. Sounds like parent company Sony isn't too pleased with the way things are going at Sony Pictures and could see a deal with Marvel Studios as a way to restore quality to the franchise.

According to Latino-Review, Marvel's plans for adding Spider-Man to its cinematic universe would wipe the Spidey slate clean. No Andrew Garfield. Or Marc Webb. Or Sam Raimi. Or an origin story. Or a plot with a romance at its center.

The idea is that the Spider-Man romance movie has been played out over five installments, so any new Spider-Man films would focus on the difficulties of being a teenager and a superhero with a romance side-story, not the film's focus. Marvel also thinks that the origin story is well-trodden territory, so any Spider-Man movies under this deal would begin with Peter Parker already leading a dual life. 

Latino-Review makes it clear that no deal has been reached, but the article definitely sounds hopeful. I don't think there's even been a moment where Spider-Man returning to Marvel Studios (even though a partnership with Sony) has seemed closer to reality. Sony Pictures is in chaos right now. Allowing Marvel Studios to run Spider-Man while Sony still gets a cut off the profits would show the studio has a plan to make money by making quality products.

"Spider-Man making his debut in Captain America: Civil War is still a distinct possibility and would serve as the character's introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe," Latino-Review reports. "But as of now Spider-Man will NOT be in Civil War."

With deals in place for Robert Downey Jr. and Chadwick Boseman to join Chris Evans in Captain America: Civil War, that movie is already in motion. If Spider-Man is going to join Iron Man, Black Panther and Captain America, Sony and Marvel need to get to dealmaking quick.

It's a shame that Sony wasted Garfield as Spider-Man in the two Amazing Spider-Man movies. Despite his age, Garfield is a perfect Spider-Man and Peter Parker, nailing the character in a way that Tobey Maguire was never able to lock down. Marvel would have a tall task in matching Garfield when it comes to casting its own Spider-Man.
Spider-Man Joining THE AVENGERS Could Still Happen; Marvel Wants a New Actor Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 12/12/2014 Rating: 5

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