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Sony Plans JUMP STREET and MEN IN BLACK Crossover

During the end credits of 22 Jump Street, the movie teased a ton of sequel possibilities. A sequel that didn't make that montage appears to be the one Sony Pictures is ready to move forward with: A Jump Street/Men in Black crossover.

Yes, an Andrew Garfield WHAAAAAAAAAT? is the correct response to that news. The Wall Street Journal broke this story on Wednesday thanks to the massive leak of hacked Sony Pictures emails that were posted online this week. We don't have studio confirmation that a Jump Street/Men in Black movie is coming, but Sony Pictures Entertainment Co-Chairman Amy Pascal has been championing the project.

According to the Journal, Jump Street directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller will be back to produce and write the crossover, with the possibility of also directing it. While the involvement of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum hasn't been locked in, Hill has weighed in positively on the concept, emailing Pascal: "jump street merging with mib i think that’s clean and rad and powerful." Apparently Jonah Hill only uses lowercase letters.

On the Men in Black side, though, we'll probably be getting a new cast. The Journal reports that neither Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones will return for this movie.

This is such an odd pairing. The Jump Street franchise is riding high right now, with Hill, Tatum, Lord and Miller at the heights of their careers. (Well, maybe Tatum hasn't reached that height yet. He still has an Oscar nomination to score in a month or so.) These guys could do whatever they want right now. The Men in Black franchise, on the other hand, was tanked by the third film, which saw its budget bloated thanks to Smith, and had a storyline so convoluted it had to have been a purposeful screw-you to fans.

How would this movie even work? The two Jump Street movies masterfully dissected the concepts of rebooting a TV show as a movie and making a sequel with a bigger budget. They were highly self-aware. The Men in Black movies are about government agents with memory erasing wands fighting aliens. Anyone else see the issue here?

The Journal reports that Sony Pictures is hoping to release the Jump Street/Men in Black crossover in 2016 or 2017.

Could Sony be any more lost? They have no idea what to do with the Spider-Man franchise. There'll willing to tie the dead Men in Black franchise to Jump Street. Other leaked emails show a massive amount of chaos and dysfunction surround the Steve Jobs biopic. Sell every off, Sony. You shouldn't be making movies right now.
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