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REPORT: Sony and Marvel Studios' Deal for Spider-Man Is Done

Holy crap. Spider-Man could be an official member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as soon as next month. A Reddit user posted an update on the state of the Sony-Marvel Studios talks over Spider-Man movies rights on Tuesday, not only backing up the previous rumors that the studios were meeting again but also claiming that a deal was done.

I was recently able to get some juicy details out of a long-time friend, who also happens to be a trusted source of mine, that Marvel and Sony, nothing but a few days ago, held what he described as a "mini-meeting" that only lasted about 40 minutes, where they went over the final kinks of a deal they looked too close to incorporate Spider-Man into the MCU.

Nothing much was really spoken about as the meeting neared an end, this is because Sony and Marvel had apparently ALREADY come to terms on an agreement and were simply tending to other smaller commodities.

The Reddit user goes on to say that Sony and Marvel hope to keep this news under wraps (ha!) until next month's Spidey Summit.

After announcing the deal, a Spider-Man "cameo appearance in [Captain America: Civil War] and/or an after-credits scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron" will be filmed. As we reported over the weekend, Logan Lerman is still the favorite to replace Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man/Peter Parker.

It's amazing how quickly this has all come together. The Sony email leak showed that talks to bring Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe had been going on for months, but the possibility seemed to be dead.

The idea that we're now just a month away from Spider-Man finally coming home to Marvel Studios is crazy. Marvel Studios doesn't need the character right now. They're doing just fine. Spider-Man needs Marvel Studios. The character needs a creative direction that Sony Pictures has repeatedly failed to deliver.

The biggest disappointment (the only disappointment?) in this entire saga is that Garfield won't have the chance to act in a Spider-Man movie worthy of the love he has for the character. I've heard reports that Marvel Studios wants to bring Garfield into the fold with another role — hopefully that can happen.
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