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Charlie Brown Won't Twerk in THE PEANUTS MOVIE, Says Producer Paul Feig

When word got out that the guy who directed an Ice Age movie would be helming a CGI Peanuts movie, fans of the franchise feared the worst. Would there be quickly outdated pop culture references? Would the characters start wearing hoodies and backwards hats just like Alvin and the Chipmunks now do? Would Justin Bieber voice Charlie Brown?

According to producer Paul Feig, Peanuts fans have nothing to fear. USA Today wrote on Sunday that Feig "promises that Charlie Brown won't twerk, wear a baseball cap backwards or try to 'break the Internet' a la Kim Kardashian" in The Peanuts Movie.

In a sneak peak published on USA Today's website, it sounds like Feig and director Steve Martino are doing everything in their power to make sure The Peanuts Movie avoids the mistakes of recent cartoon-to-CGI adaptions by focusing on "the timeless quality of 50-plus years of beloved comic strips and TV specials."

Feig, who also directed Bridesmaids and Freaks and Geeks, and Martino aren't revealing the entire plot yet, but here's what we know about The Peanuts Movie:

If Feig was going to give the movie a classic Peanuts title, he'd likely call it Don't Give Up, Charlie Brown!. The story follows the little round-headed boy with the indomitable optimism on a quest to get something he's sure he needs, even though he discovers he's pretty OK just as he is.

The tale of Charlie's best friend Snoopy is triggered by what he sees going on in his owner's life. It involves the wildly imaginative beagle hopping on his doghouse-turned-Sopwith Camel plane and heading to Paris during World War I to engage in a dogfight with sworn enemy the Red Baron.

USA Today also reports that we won't see any new Peanuts characters in this movie, as the Peanuts universe already had more than enough characters to use, including the Little Red Haired Girl, Fifi, Snoopy's brother Olaf and the Beagle Scouts.

Martino also mentioned the animation style of The Peanuts Movie in the article. From the first trailer for the film, it was obvious that Blue Sky Studios was really trying to do something unique. The characters are being rendered in three dimensions, but Martino and his team have still managed to capture Charles Schulz's drawing style.

The Peanuts Movie is still a year away (it opens on Nov. 6, 2015), but fans of the franchise should have hope for this one.
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