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Will Smith and Margot Robbie 'Focus' on the Long Con in New Trailer

Whoa, I forgot that Will Smith could make movies that didn't star his son or Scientology. The newly released trailer for Focus should remind us all that Smith was once one of the world's biggest movie stars and he's still willing to try new things.*

In Focus, Smith and Margot Robbie play con artists who once worked together (and were together as a couple). After their relationship broke apart, the two find themselves years later facing off in the same con.

We haven't seen Smith in a role like this in years. After Earth was a pathetic joke — hopefully Focus is the comeback vehicle the actor needs. Robbie was the breakout star of The Wolf of Wall Street, and Focus appears to be the next step in her road to stardom. In 2016, she'll star in David Yates' Tarzan movie opposite Alexander Skarsgard.

Focus stars Smith, Robbie and Rodrigo Santoro. The movie opens on Feb. 27, 2015.

*"Try new things" was not a reference to Smith and Robbie possibly having an affair during the shooting of Focus.
Will Smith and Margot Robbie 'Focus' on the Long Con in New Trailer Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 10/09/2014 Rating: 5

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