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CAPTAIN MARVEL Adds a Female-Led Superhero Movie to the Marvel Cinematic Universe on July 6, 2018

To everyone who complained about Marvel Studios lacking a female-led superhero movie, the studio hopefully silenced those concerns on Tuesday. Marvel announced that Captain Marvel will be a part of Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The super heroine will make her debut in Marvel’s “Captain Marvel” on July 6, 2018, headlining the first female-led film from Marvel Studios. President Kevin Feige made the announcement at a special event revealing the full lineup of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 3 at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.

“This Captain Marvel’s name is Carol Danvers," said Feige. "This film has been in the works almost as long as Doctor Strange or Guardians of the Galaxy before it came out, and one of the key things was figuring out what we wanted to do with it. Her adventures are very earthbound, but her powers are based in the cosmic realm.”

The Carol Danvers version of Captain Marvel has only been around since 2012, but the character herself has been in the comics since the 1960s. The Danvers version of Captain Marvel even spent some time with the Guardians of the Galaxy earlier this year.

While the Captain Marvel movie will hit theaters after Warner Bros.' Wonder Woman movie does, it sounds like Captain Marvel will appear in next summer's Avengers: Age of Ultron in some form, allowing Marvel to get the character into theaters before their competitor gets their main female superhero on the big screen.

So who will play Captain Marvel? Unlike Black Panther and Chadwick Boseman, Marvel didn't announce an actress yet, but over the past few years, we've heard names like Katee Sackhoff and Emily Blunt get thrown around. Normally I'd say that Sackhoff getting cast would be too much fanboy wish fulfillment, but if Benedict Cumberbatch leads Doctor Strange, it sound like Marvel isn't worried about giving that impression. Blunt actually passed on playing Black Widow in Iron Man 2, so this could be her chance to make up for that mistake.

Captain Marvel will open on July 6, 2018. Marvel didn't announce a director for the film.
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