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Legendary Pictures Announces 'Godzilla 2' and King Kong Prequel 'Skull Island'

It was at Comic-Con two years ago that Legendary Pictures first broke the news that Godzilla was coming back to the big screen. On Saturday, the studio replicated that feat with the dual announcement of Godzilla 2 and Skull Island.

Legendary Pictures confirmed this news through Twitter, writing that "Gareth Edwards confirms he will be back to direct Godzilla 2" and that "Godzilla is not alone," listing Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah as monsters Godzilla will fight in the sequel. Edwards will tackle this sequel after directing his standalone Star Wars movie.

Godzilla 2 is pretty self-explanatory, but what's Skull Island? Oh, just a King Kong prequel movie.

Skull Island, like the original Godzilla announcement, this one was a complete surprise. The movie will be a "feature film based on the famed Skull Island, the cinematic origins of another classic beast King Kong." It'll hit theaters on Nov. 4, 2016. No word on how or if it'll tie into Peter Jackson's 2005 King Kong movie.

Godzilla and King Kong have done battle before, and now that Legendary Pictures has them both back on the big screen, could we be in line for rematch? (Spoiler alert: Godzilla would stomp King Kong.)
Legendary Pictures Announces 'Godzilla 2' and King Kong Prequel 'Skull Island' Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 7/26/2014 Rating: 5

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