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David Oyelowo-Voiced 'Star Wars Rebels' Villain Agent Kallus Revealed

For months now, David Oyelowo has been connected to Star Wars Rebels in the rumor mill. When the Lincoln and The Butler actor was left out of past major voice cast announcements, people started wondering if Oyelowo was voicing The Inquisitor, the main villain of Star Wars Rebels.

On Thursday, Lucasfilm made Oyelowo's role official: He'll be voicing Agent Kallus, an Imperial Security Bureau official, in Star Wars Rebels. A video was released featuring Oyelowo and Star Wars Rebels Executive Producer Dave Filoni discussing Kallus and his role in the series.

Does anyone else find it weird that Star Wars, a franchise that has sometimes had diversity issues (human diversity, that is) cast Oyelowo only to have him voicing a white character? I love that we have a British-accented Imperial agent in this cartoon, but why couldn't he have been black too? Oyelowo is a British actor.

Based on a few quick glimpses of Kallus' animation development in this video, it looks like the character was blue-skinned at one point. Was Kallus supposed to be a Chiss, like the iconic Thrawn of the former Expanded Universe?

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