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Will Ben Affleck Lead 'The Batman' in 2019?

When Warner Bros.'s lineup of superhero films leaked last week, a new Batman film was missing from the studio's upcoming slate of movies. Lesser-known characters like Shazam and Sandman were getting movies, but with the exception of Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, Batman's return to the big screen was missing.

On Thursday, Latino-Review reported that Warner Bros. was planning a new Batman movie for 2019, writing that the movie's working title was The Batman.

According to Latino-Review, the question is whether Ben Affleck directs the next Batman movie. I hope he does, especially after there were rumors a few years ago that Affleck was Warner Bros. choice to direct Justice League. That role has now gone to Zack Snyder, but an Affleck-directed Batman movie — especially one entitled The Batman — would be awesome. This is an Oscar winner we're talking about.

If the recently reported Warner Bros. superhero lineup is true, there are a ton of red flags. After launching Batman v Superman, why would the studio follow with a Shazam movie? No one knows who he is. Why wouldn't they follow up with a new Batman or Superman movie? Waiting until 2019 for a solo Batman movie is a long wait.
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