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Nasim Pedrad Isn't Planning on Returning to 'SNL'

If you're a fan of Nasim Pedrad's Kim Kardashian and Arianna Huffington impressions, get ready to be disappointed. According to Pedrad herself, she doesn't expect to be back on Saturday Night Live when the show returns in the fall.

With Fox picking up Mulaney, a show starring Pedrad and former SNL head writer John Mulaney, the longtime SNL castmember will be moving from New York City to Los Angeles, making it kind of hard to stay with SNL.

During the ATX Television Festival on Sunday, Pedrad discussed Mulaney and how it would impact her ability to stay with SNL. From Buzzfeed:

"I haven’t heard any official word so far, but I love this show so much,” the actress said of Mulaney. “I have an apartment in L.A. and, as far as I know, I’m in L.A. now.” Pedrad added that most SNL cast members join the sketch comedy series in hopes of it leading to an opportunity like Mulaney and that if there was a way to do both, she would. “But I think we’re all in with this show,” she reiterated of Mulaney.

The most disappointing part of this news is that Pedrad never had the chance to fully reach her potential on SNL. For whatever reason, the show failed to make her the SNL star she should have been, instead having her play background parts and crappy recurring characters.
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