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Is the Force Strong With the New 'Star Wars Rebels' Trailer?

Star Wars Rebels is one of the most intriguing moves that Lucasfilm has made since being acquiring by Disney a year and a half ago. For this animated series to exist, Lucasfilm shut down Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a hugely popular and acclaimed series. With Lucasfilm now shifting its attention away from the Prequel Trilogy era and back to the Original Trilogy, it does make sense that Lucasfilm would want to concentrate its storytelling power on the creation of the Rebel Alliance.

As part of yesterday's Star Wars Day festivities, Lucasfilm unveiled the first trailer for Star Wars Rebels on Sunday. We've seen a ton of glimpses at the characters in Star Wars Rebels, usually through stills, commercials or even Lego sets, but this is the longest look we've gotten.

I loved The Clone Wars, so I was especially sad to see that series end. I'm eager to give Rebels a chance, though, and I really hope it winds up being just as good as The Clone Wars was.

Is the Force Strong With the New 'Star Wars Rebels' Trailer? Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 5/05/2014 Rating: 5

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