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A Charlie Bielinski Pop-Ed: Ben Affleck's Wife Wasn't Lying When She Said the New Batsuit Looked Great

We had assurances from Matt Damon, Kevin Smith and Jennifer Garner that Ben Affleck looked great in the Batman costume Zack Snyder has created for the Man of Steel sequel. Forgive me if I was a bit skeptical when told that Affleck in costume was awesome by his two best friends and his wife, as I know that my wife frequently tells me how awesome I look in certain clothes to protect my very sensitive feelings.

However, now that I have seen Batfleck with my own eyes I can say Garner wasn’t just trying to make her husband feel better about making a poor clothing choice.

Even though Snyder chose to reveal the costume with a black-and-white shot, it is still pretty easy to see the look that he is going for with this version of Batman. The symbol on the chest is easy to spot for anyone who collected comics in the 80s. As soon as that foundation is established, it is easy to let colors start filling in the black-and-white photo. In fact, photos projecting the color can be found with a quick Internet search. Upon looking at those photos, the choice to announce the sequel with lines of dialogue from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns is made even more appropriate because this costume is Miller’s creation.

In the spring and summer of 1986, I was first introduced to this version of Batman, and it was the greatest comic book story that I had ever read at that time. A story about Batman coming out of exile to battle Superman with a little assist from a one-armed Green Arrow was both unique and exciting. After reading the first issue of the four-issue limited series I couldn’t wait for the next one to arrive at the comic book shop. I remember making the 25-mile round trip on my BMX for the last issue and peddling twice as fast on the way home so I could see how it all ended. Ever since that summer it seems there has always been fanboy talk of a film version being made featuring Clint Eastwood as the aging Batman.

Now it appears Affleck, although not quite as old, will be our aging hero.

Many blogs have already broken down the similarities between this suit and the one depicted in The Dark Knight Returns. The large bat symbol, the cowl attaching to the cape, spikes on the gloves and the utility belt are all elements from the comic. Maybe this is where the similarities with the comic end, but the suit is a big deal and has to be done right. Michael Keaton’s suit physically looked OK, but the guy looked like he could barely walk at times let alone fight. Val Kilmer’s suit wasn’t much different. Christian Bale’s costume was much more practical but it was essentially a military outfit with a cowl that Bruce Wayne created to keep in line with Christopher Nolan’s realistic take on the character. (Side note: I consciously skipped over George Clooney and don’t care to talk about it).

This Batman looks like a superhero and also looks like could kick someone's ass. The material appears to be something that will allow Batman to really move instead of being some kind of armor. Plus he has a utility belt that appears to have some pouches for cool gadgets. As long as Snyder's Batman doesn’t pull out some Bat-Shark Repellent, I think everything will be fine.

We still haven’t gotten any looks at Wonder Woman in costume, Cyborg (a character I absolutely love), or Lex Luthor yet. However, based on this reveal I’m feeling like this is a sequel that has a pretty good chance to be better than its predecessor.
A Charlie Bielinski Pop-Ed: Ben Affleck's Wife Wasn't Lying When She Said the New Batsuit Looked Great Reviewed by Charlie Bielinski on 5/20/2014 Rating: 5

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