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'TV Guide' Reveals First Look at 'The Simpson' Lego Episode

Despite being around since before television was invented, The Simpsons seems to be having a moment right now. They have a huge syndication deal and plans for a massive marathon with FXX. There's a Lego version of The Simpsons house. There's even a series of Lego minifigures based on 16 characters from The Simpsons. And now there's going to be an episode of The Simpsons done entirely in Lego bricks.

The episode will called "Brick Like Me" and, according to Fox News, will be "the most ambitious and expensive half-hour in the program's 25-year history." The episode will air on May 4. From Fox News:

Selman and longtime staff writer Brian Kelley devised a storyline that kicks off in a blissful LEGO version of Springfield where, notes Marge, "everything fits with everything else, and nobody ever gets hurt." This world seems perfectly normal to the characters — until, that is, LEGO Homer starts having flashes of an alternate-universe life in which he's the good ol' Homer we know and love. "He begins to realize this LEGO world he's living in is not where he and his family really belong," says Kelley. "He has to figure out why they are there and what it all means."

The upcoming edition of TV Guide has our first look "Brick Like Me," showing off the episode's Lego version of Marge alongside the traditionally animated Homer. Despite using molded heads for the series of minifigs based on The Simpsons, "Brick Like Me" will use the normal printed Lego heads for its characters.
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