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Is This Fan-Made 'HIMYM' Alternate Ending What People Really Wanted?

For fans of HIMYM, if you could choose how the show ended, what would you have picked? Would you have ended the episode with Ted and The Mother meeting on that Farhampton train platform, realizing they were meant to be together and then fading to black?

If you're Ricardo J Dylan, that's not only the ending you wanted to see from HIMYM, but that's the ending you recut "Last Forever" to reflect and then posted on YouTube. Dylan took parts of Ted's voiceover at the end of the finale and paired it up with Ted and Tracy on the train platform to create the ending many HIMYM fans wish they saw on Monday night. The Mother lives. Ted never winds up with Robin.

What do you think of this HIMYM alternative ending?

Is This Fan-Made 'HIMYM' Alternate Ending What People Really Wanted? Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 4/02/2014 Rating: 5


  1. This would have been soooo much better! The writers should have picked a side and stuck with it. Trying to please everyone never works!

  2. So On Point, that was the ending that made sense


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