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New 'Walking Dead' Poster: Will Rick Make It to Terminus?

Let's be honest — Rick Grimes doesn't really serve much of a purpose any more on The Walking Dead. There's no group for him to lead now, and even when he did have a group to lead, Rick could never figure out whether or not he actually wanted to do so.

There's been some speculation that The Walking Dead could shock audiences this season and kill off Rick, which would allow the show to focus on characters who are actually interesting. On Friday, TVLine debuted a new poster for The Walking Dead which hints that Rick's days could be numbered.

With the new poster asking "... Who will arrive?" with Rick front and center, should fans assume Rick won't be one of the survivors?
New 'Walking Dead' Poster: Will Rick Make It to Terminus? Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 3/21/2014 Rating: 5

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