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Is the 'Six Seasons and a Movie' Prophecy Coming True for 'Community'?

Six seasons and a movie. What began as a throwaway line during one of Community's early seasons wound up taking on a life of its own, fueling the passion of the show's fans every time Community seems in danger. For the most part, "six seasons and a movie" was always a rallying cry — never a serious hope.

Well, that changed when NBC gave Community a surprise fifth season and brought back show creator Dan Harmon to run things again. With five seasons under its belt, Community was just a season and a movie away from fulfilling that prophecy. According to TV Guide, talks are already underway to make "six seasons and a movie" a reality.

As NBC mulls the fate of the Greendale gang, the Community clarion call — first uttered as a joke by Abed (Danny Pudi) in a Season 2 episode — may be moving closer to reality.

According to insiders, at least one director has already been considered to helm the inevitable Community feature: Justin Lin, who directed the last four movies in the Fast and Furious franchise. Lin has also directed several episodes of Community.  
Of course, if Lin ultimately can't do it, several other feature directors have also sat behind the camera for Community, including Joe Russo and Anthony Russo (Captain America: The Winter Soldier). The Russos spent the first several seasons on Community as executive producers, and Joe Russo most recently directed last week's "Advanced Advanced Dungeons and Dragons" episode. Jay Chandrasekhar (Super Troopers) has also directed several episodes.

The best part of TV Guide's article is when they note that "NBC and Sony insiders say they're optimistic that a final, 13-episode season is in the cards for Community, especially given the network's inability this season to successfully launch any new comedies on Thursday night." One, yes, NBC is so pathetic the network can't even launch a new comedy. Two, NBC AND SONY ARE THE ONES IN CHARGE OF RENEWING COMMUNITY. By saying "they're optimistic," that makes it sound like the fate of Community is out of their hands. That's almost as insulting as when ABC ran a "Save Happy Endings" campaign last year when the only entity that actually threatened Happy Endings was ABC itself.

That said, if Community winds up actually getting six seasons and a movie, it'll be one of the greatest pop culture victories in history. NBC has done everything it can to kill Community. Watching the network have to swallow its defeat and celebrate Community's success would be awesome.
Is the 'Six Seasons and a Movie' Prophecy Coming True for 'Community'? Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 3/26/2014 Rating: 5

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