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Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel Make a 'Sex Tape' Poster

Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel made a sex tape. And, unlike most celebrities,* they want you to see it. Well, as long you buy a ticket ... and head over to your local movie theater ... maybe eventually buy it on blu-ray ... or download a copy to your iPhone.

This is all an elaborate way of me saying that Diaz and Segel star in Sex Tape, a movie about a couple who makes a sex tape only for that tape to go missing. Jack Black also stars in the movie. I'm pretty sure he's not part of the sex tape making, but I can't be sure. Jake Kasdan, who previously worked with Diaz and Segel on Bad Teacher, directs Sex Tape.

Sex Tape opens on July 25. The first poster for the movie hit the Internet on Monday.

*Who am I kidding? All celebrities want you to see their sex tapes. They just have to pretend that they don't want you to.
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