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A Seth Pohorence Pop-Ed: Mindless Thoughts by Seth

So once again, I hate trying to think of a general theme for my Pop-Eds, since some of them turn into to angry rants that are likened to Clint Eastwood’s character in Gran Torino. From that, let’s see what I’m thinking about right now.

Everyone is dropping all kinds of Police Academy posts, like those films were the funniest thing alive. People, Police Academy was OK. It’s not like we’re talking about Stripes or Kentucky Fried Movie.

The one thing I remember about the Police Academy movies was that Steve Guttenberg’s Mahoney was not even the best character in the film. That’s reserved for Michael Winslow, the sound effects guy, who was also in Spaceballs.

The late Bubba Smith was Moses Hightower, the huge dude. He was a former NFL-er who was also featured in those Miller Lite commercials in the 1980s. He would late become disgusted with the ads after he learned about the negative effects drinking has on men who drink Miller Lite.

Hugh Wilson co-wrote and directed the film. This was his directorial debut, following the flop that was Stroker Ace, which he wrote with Hal Needham. I love my NASCAR films, but man, did that movie suck so much. It was awful.

For Wilson, his greatest claim to fame was creating WKRP in Cincinnati. Being a native Ohioan, it was pretty much a law that every TV market in the state had to show that show in syndication.

Wilson also did some work on The Bob Newhart Show and The Chopped Liver Brothers with Tom Patchett and Jay Tarses. Jay Tarses’ daughter, Jamie Tarses, wrote for the recently cancelled Happy Endings.

How come it’s only now that people acknowledge the comedic brilliance of Happy Endings? That show was killing it, taking hard stances on hot topics like hipsters, V-neck tees, kickball and even old Cadillac limos. Now we have to suffer with Damon Wayans Jr. playing a weaker character on New Girl.

Is it me or has New Girl gone from funny to just ungodly awful to watch? I love my Zooey Deschanel, but damn, this show sucks.

Well, the only time it didn’t suck was when left-handed ace Clayton Kershaw had that cameo. Kershaw is the man.

Kershaw is really just the continuation of epic lefty pitchers in the Dodgers' long history from Sandy “The Jewish Kid” Koufax to Fernando-mania Valenzuela.

You guys need to get down with baseball this year. The Yankees spent a whole bunch of money on hitting but not much in terms of pitching depth. The Nationals look primed to have an explosive year. Everyone will start to hate my Indians because we have the most racist logo in the league. Good times!
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