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You'll Be Able to Rent or Own the 'Veronica Mars' Movie the Day It Hits Theaters

I always feel like I'm supposed to start these Veronica Mars articles by addressing everyone as "marshmallows." I was never a part of the Veronica Mars in-crowd, so I don't feel comfortable using that word in that way, so let's get to the point here. The Veronica Mars movie opens in theaters on March 14, and in a pretty bold move, Warner Bros. is making it available to rent or buy online on the same day.

Studios and theaters don't normally go for this kind of thing. Theaters like to have a period of exclusivity before a movie is available on home media or through VOD. It's why if you're watching The Lego Movie anywhere but in a theater right now, you're doing it illegally and you should feel awful for stealing from the people who worked hard to bring you an awesome movie. Seriously.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Warner Bros. has found a way around the usual agreement by renting out 260 of the 270 screens that Veronica Mars will open on from AMC. Because of that rental agreement, AMC will get paid up front by the studio and not have to worry about home media eating into its Veronica Mars money.
You'll Be Able to Rent or Own the 'Veronica Mars' Movie the Day It Hits Theaters Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 2/24/2014 Rating: 5

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