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Will Smith Won't Be Back for 'Independence Day' Sequel

Looks like someone else is going to have to welcome the next wave of aliens to Earth. Will Smith won't return for the Independence Day sequel, according to a Deadline report. With Fox hoping to get Independence Day 2 into theaters for July 2016, the studio will now have to find a new star.

Honestly, this is a foolish move for Smith. The actor was once one of the world's biggest movie stars, but he sullied his drawing power by allowing his kids to tag along. Last year's After Earth opened to $27.5 million and only grossed $60.2 million lifetime. Will Smith movies used to be giant events that would gross hundreds of millions of dollars. No one wanted to see him try to buy his kid a career as an actor.

If Roland Emmerich and Fox come knocking with an Independence Day sequel, Smith shouldn't even have to think twice about it. What else is he going to do? If you won't work without your kids and you won't accept not being the lead in a movie, there aren't many options left.
Will Smith Won't Be Back for 'Independence Day' Sequel Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 2/09/2014 Rating: 5

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