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'HIMYM' NEWS: 200th Episode to Be Told From The Mother's View; Rachel Bilson, Sarah Chalke and Lucy Hale Coming Back

When How I Met Your Mother fans learned that Cristin Milioti would be playing The Mother in the show's final season, many of us dreamed of episodes telling the story of how The Mother spent the past few years. How often did she just miss running into Ted? What did her roommate say to her about that guy who loved all her stuff? Did she see Ted get punched out at that St. Patrick's Day party? Was she the one the dating service paired up with Ted but Ted stood up to go help Lily?

Now that we're pretty deep into HIMYM's final season, it's clear we're not getting that dream season. We will get to see those near misses, though. HIMYM's Jan. 27 episode is also the series' 200th episode. We've known for awhile that the episode is called "How Your Mother Met Me," and TV Guide has the scoop on what to expect from the episode.

"This episode is told from the Mother's point of view [instead of Ted's]," executive producer Carter Bays explains. 
For the past eight seasons, the couple has passed within inches of each other and never met, but now viewers will see those close encountered through the Mother's eyes. 
"You're going to learn so much about her and why she and Ted are right for each other," Milioti says. "There are a lot of exciting moments that'll get fans' hearts racing."

Carter Bays also told TV Guide that The Mother "crosses paths with an iconic character from the How I Met Your Mother universe. ... And we bring back other people, too, but you will see different sides of them." And who might some of these other characters be? TVLine reported on Wednesday that Rachel Bilson, Sarah Chalke and Lucy Hale are all coming back. Bilson played Cindy, The Mother's old roommate; Chalke played Stella, Ted's ex-fiance; and Hale played Katie, Robin's sister.

TVLine also reported that HIMYM co-creaters Bays and Craig Thomas have confirmed that we'll learn the names of Ted and The Mother's children in "Unpause," next week's episode.
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