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Garrett Hedlund to Play Hook in 'Pan'

Garrett Hedlund has already fought a tyrant threatening the world inside a computer, and now he'll put those talents to work protecting Neverland. The Tron: Legacy star will play Hook in director Joe Wright's Pan, according to a Deadline report.

From what we've heard about Pan, the story will tell how Peter Pan wound up in Neverland and begin with Pan and Captain Hook being allies against Blackbeard. Yes, Blackbeard is apparently part of the Peter Pan legend now. We learned last month that Warner Bros. was in negotiations with Hugh Jackman to play Blackbeard.

Hedlund confirmed in December 2012 that he would return for the Tron: Legacy sequel, but there has been little word on that front since then.

Pan is set to open on July 17, 2015.
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