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A Lindsay Campbell Pop-Ed: Brands Already Scoring Touchdowns With Super Bowl Commercials

OK, I’ll admit it: I’m not the biggest football fan. Will I go to a bar with my friends on a Sunday to watch the game and drink beer and eat chicken wings? Yes. Do I own a Giants jersey? Yes. Do I know what number or player it is? Absolutely not … And while I enjoy the occasional football game, I really love the Super Bowl. What I love even more than that are the commercials that air on Super Bowl Sunday.

Perhaps it started as a little kid when my family and I would take bets on what brand would have the first commercial spot of the game, or maybe it’s because I’m a communications major and love advertisements no matter the occasion. Regardless, it’s a Sunday I look forward to because of these iconic commercials. They’re as talked about as the teams playing the game, and they’re a huge reason why so many folks (read: girls) tune-in in the first place. For years, people would bet on what commercial would come out on top, teams strategized for months on what time slot they wanted and creatives drove themselves mad developing the perfect story. It was top secret, but now we’re starting to see more and more brands release teasers the week before the game to drum up media and consumer buzz.

This year, we already have a swirl of ads hitting the Web from some of the biggest spenders the Super Bowl will see this year. Let’s break down the four best advertisements thus far.

Danny’s Still a Neat Freak and Uncle Jesse is Still a STUD!
The boys of Full House reunite to melt the hearts of 1990s lovers everywhere and sell some Dannon yogurt.. Years have passed but Danny Tanner is still a neat freak cleaning up after Jesse, who is still an absolute babe. It’s great to see these three not only reunited but also seeming to be quite happy about it (did you catch them on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?). I still think Mary-Kate Olsen should show up and they spoon-feed her some yogurt. Girlfriend needs some nutrients.

Anna KenDRINK! (I Just Made That Up — I Know Her Real Last Name Is Kendrick)
We all love Anna Kendrick. She’s hilarious, she’s beautiful, she’s down-to-earth. Basically, we feel like we could be friends with her, and furthermore, we could have a beer with her. Newcastle even agrees with me and offered her a commercial and then “pulled it” before the big game. While they’re saying they won’t air an actual commercial on Sunday, I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up airing one as a big shock to consumers. We shall see.

Budweiser Melts Our Hearts With a Puppy
Look how far you’ve come, Budweiser. You went from frogs to magic fridges to puppies. Watching your commercials over the past several years have been like watching a boy mature into a fine young gentleman. I love this teaser. It’s poignant and precious. Who doesn’t love a little puppy and even a potential love story at the end! C’mon guys! That lady and the cowboy?! Maybe they’ll be extra classy and serve Budweiser AND Bud Light Lime at their wedding.

Cheerios Usher In a Better 2014
Cheerios is always tugging at our heart strings with grandmas, babies and new parents, so it wasn’t a surprise when they introduced us to Gracie, an adorable and sassy little girl who has a little brother on the way. While it’s not the most groundbreaking commercial of the year, the commercial focuses on an interracial couple — something TV needs more of.

So that’s what I’ve been keeping my eyes on this week. Things are looking pretty good for this year’s lineup of commercials. It’s a great combination of comedy and sentiment, the perfect equation for any Super Bowl commercial. I’m also expecting big things from car manufacturers (Audi, VW and Hyundai have all published teasers), along with Doritos, Pepsi and M&Ms. Usually there’s always one random company that comes out with a great commercial that has people talking for days. Any bets on who that might be this year?!

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