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Will Lionsgate Back the Hillary Clinton Biopic 'Rodham'? And Could Jennifer Lawrence Play Hillary?

Here at Popculturology, we've been talking about Rodham since the project first hit the Black List. When Young Il Kim's script focusing on Hillary Clinton's college days became news and the world was going crazy suggesting that Meryl Streep should play Clinton (you know, the 20-something-year-old version), Popculturology offered our list of candidates for role. We focused on Carey Mulligan, Jennifer Lawrence (before she won an Oscar), Rooney Mara, Emma Watson and Emily Blunt.

While Rodham still hasn't cast its lead character, news broke back in June that Mulligan had secured the role, vindicating Popculturology's list of actresses. Sadly, Mulligan passed on the role, with The Hollywood Reporter saying that she "was not prepared to commit to the role at this time." Oh well, Kim still called our list of names "great choices."

Oh, so I'm telling this story with the purpose of letting you know that according to a Deadline report, Lionsgate is looking at backing Rodham. For all the buzz the script had received, the only real progress its made in almost a year was locking in The Spectacular Now director James Ponsoldt to helm the movie. Reaching an agreement with a studio would be a big step toward making this film a reality.

Another interesting factoid that goes along with this news? Anyone wanna guess which franchise is currently Lionsgate's crown jewel right now? And then name the star of that franchise? The answers to those questions would be The Hunger Games and Lawrence. Look at that — another name on Popculturology's list of "great choices" to play Clinton in Rodham.
Will Lionsgate Back the Hillary Clinton Biopic 'Rodham'? And Could Jennifer Lawrence Play Hillary? Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 12/02/2013 Rating: 5

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