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'Veronica Mars' Movie Gets a Release Date

Good news, Veronica Mars fans — the movie you guys made a reality through Kickstarter has a release date. You'll get to see your Veronica Mars friends once again on March 13, 2014, which show creator Rob Thomas pointed on Twitter is just one year from when that Kickstarter campaign launched. Really quick turnaround, huh?

Thomas talked about the turnaround with Entertainment Weekly, saying, "There are smart ways to do a movie of this size — and we chose none of them. ... We are a low budget movie with big set pieces and 60 speaking roles. A murder mystery in a house would have been more cost effective. But I think we have managed to pull it off."

According to EW, Veronica Mars will get a nationwide release, ditching an earlier plan to roll the movie out in a few select theaters and then make it available through video-on-demand, which would have been an awful move. I'm sorry, video-on-demand is great, but it still comes with a stigma. Movies that are released on-demand are more like a made-for-TV movie than a "real" movie.
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