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Good Victoria or Bad Victoria? 'HIMYM' Is Bringing Back Ashley Williams

Victoria is coming back to How I Met Your Mother. Before Ted finally meets The Mother, he's going to run into his popular ex-girlfriend one last time. On Tuesday, TVLine reported that Ashley Williams will return to HIMYM for the show's 19th episode, which will probably air sometime around April. According to TVLine, "details are scarce" when it comes to how Victoria will come back.

I'm so torn over this. Like most HIMYM fans, I loved Victoria. Past tense. I loved the Season 1 version of Victoria. After Robin, Victoria was probably the woman I most wanted Ted to end up with. They were perfect for each other. I have a theory that had Victoria been introduced on the show in later years, she could've been the mother, but since she came into Ted's life during Season 1, it was way too early to call the search done.

My present tense opinion of Victoria? I can't stand her. When HIMYM brought her back at the end of Season 7 and had her leave her fiancé for Ted, that was the end of the character. HIMYM set to work destroying everything we loved about Victoria, twisting her from the perfect girl for Ted to an annoying and illogical character. What HIMYM did to Victoria during Season 8 is the worst thing the show has ever done.

Which version of Victoria will we see in April? Hopefully HIMYM will use this opportunity to fix how it ruined her last season.
Good Victoria or Bad Victoria? 'HIMYM' Is Bringing Back Ashley Williams Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 12/10/2013 Rating: 5

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