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First 'Transcendence' Teaser Trailer Digitizes Johnny Depp

The first teaser trailer for Transcendence debuted on Thursday, showing off a very brief glimpse at the upcoming film starring Johnny Depp as a computer scientist who uploads his presence into an artificially intelligent system.

Transcendence is the directorial debut of Wally Pfister, the longtime cinematographer for Christopher Nolan. In addition to Depp, the movie stars Morgan Freeman, Cillian Murphy and Rebecca Hall.

Interstellar, Nolan's upcoming movie with a new cinematographer, got its first trailer last weekend. While we don't know what kind of director Pfister will evolve into, it's interesting that we're going to have the chance to see Transcendence and Interstellar progress at the same time.

First 'Transcendence' Teaser Trailer Digitizes Johnny Depp Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 12/19/2013 Rating: 5

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