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Welcome, Charlie Bielinski: 'Popculturology' Adds a New Columnist

Redesigns. A series of Pop-Eds. One new columnist. A record-breaking day of traffic. How about we add another new columnist? I'm proud to announce that we're going to continue our awesomeness streak with Charlie Bielinski joining Popculturology.

Check out Charlie's bio:

When he was 13 years old, Charlie Bielinski would routinely make the 26-mile round trip on his BMX bicyle to pick up his weekly comics with his friends. The 17-year-old Charlie started making the trip by car, and when 24-year-old Charlie moved to West Palm Beach, Fla., one of the first things he did after moving into his new apartment was drive around until he found a comic book store. In his 17-year teaching career, Charlie has found ways to incorporate Buffy, The Vampire Slayer and The Long Kiss Goodnight into his classroom lessons.

When not consuming as many comic books, novels, films and television shows as he possibly can, Charlie can be found in his free time training as a competitive powerlifter.

You can follow Charlie at @chazb54 on Twitter to find out what films and TV series are best to watch on the elliptical. Except on 16 Sundays during the year when his tweets become angry Buffalo Bills rants.

Charlie's first Pop-Ed runs today.
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