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'Star Wars' to Make Early Return to the Big Screen with 'The Lego Movie'

Up until about a decade ago, there were no Lego sets based on movies or TV shows. No Harry Potter or Iron Man. It wasn't until Lucasfilm and Lego teamed up to release Star Wars sets that the we began the age of licensed Lego sets.

While the marketing for The Lego Movie has focused on Warner Bros.'s superheroes like Batman (which makes sense, seeing as how Warner Bros. is producing The Lego Movie), the Wall Street Journal broke the news on Wednesday that Star Wars characters would appear in the movie too.

This is surprising for a few reasons. The first is that none of the trailers or clips from The Lego Movie that we've seen so far have shown Star Wars minifigures. That's a good sign for anyone who was worried that those trailers and clips were showing us all the cool parts of The Lego Movie.

The second reason this is surprising is that it means Warner Bros. and Disney, the parent company of Lucasfilm, are working together to make this collaboration happen. In terms of companies playing nice together, this would be like Disney allowing its Marvel characters to appear alongside Warner Bros. DC heroes. We're never going to see Batman and Iron Man on the big screen together, so we'll have to make due with Darth Vader for now.

We'll find out more about Star Wars' involvement with The Lego Movie soon, as the Wall Street Journal notes that an "unveiling of the Star Wars characters’ role in the movie is planned for later."
'Star Wars' to Make Early Return to the Big Screen with 'The Lego Movie' Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 11/20/2013 Rating: 5

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