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Sandra Bullock Calls for Help in 'Gravity' Spinoff Short Film

If you haven't seen Gravity yet, beware — this entire article is one giant spoiler.

During Gravity, there's a scene where Sandra Bullock's character, Ryan Stone, attempts to radio for help. Instead of getting NASA, she makes contact with a man speaking a foreign language. In the background, Stone can hear dogs barking and a baby crying, both things that give her comfort as she's accepting that she's probably going to die in that spacecraft.

On Wednesday, The Hollywood Reporter premiered Aningaaq, a short film by Jonas Cuaron that shows what was going on on the other side of that Gravity conversation. The language barrier between Stone and the main character in Aningaaq makes their situations even sadder, with the short film showing that the man Stone was talking to is preparing to put his beloved dog down.

According to THR, Warner Bros. has submitted Aningaaq for Oscar consideration, noting that "should it snag a nomination alongside its sure-bet blockbuster companion, they are poised to make Academy Awards history as the first feature and spinoff short drawn from the same material to be nominated together in the same year."

There's also the fact that Jonas Cuaron is the son of Alfonso Cuaron, the director of Gravity, which makes this story that much cooler.

Sandra Bullock Calls for Help in 'Gravity' Spinoff Short Film Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 11/20/2013 Rating: 5

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