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Jimmy Fallon Let Harrison Ford Pierce His Ear

Harrison Ford is not usually the most dynamic talk show guest. The Star Wars actor is often a mix of surliness, detachment and sometimes even highness. Remember when he tore up a Papa Smurf doll on Conan after The Smurfs beat Cowboys and Aliens at the box office?

Jimmy Fallon somehow managed to snag the fun version of Ford on Friday night's show. The actor was on Late Night to promote Ender's Game (sorry, not promoting Star Wars: Episode VII ... yet), which led to Ford piercing one of Fallon's ears. For real. Seriously.

During the segment, Ford didn't even use the available ear-piercing gun, going with a large needle instead. I love Questlove's inability to watch the piercing.

Jimmy Fallon Let Harrison Ford Pierce His Ear Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 11/02/2013 Rating: 5

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