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Continuity Questions: Carter Bays Says 'How I Met Your Mother' Timeline Mistake Isn't a Mistake

This week's How I Met Mother delivered a moment that fans of the show have been waiting over eight years to see. We finally got to see Ted Mosby propose to his future wife. It was simple. It was touching. And it possibly setup a huge mistake in the show's continuity.

From the Season 7 episode Trilogy Time, we know that sometime in 2015, Ted would bring his baby daughter to his, Marshall and Barney's every-three-year viewing of the Star Wars trilogy. Ted would also be wearing a wedding ring at this time. In The Lighthouse, which takes place during the May 2013 wedding between Barney and Robin, Narrator Ted tells his kids that "not two years later," he would return to the Farhampton Inn with The Mother, with his proposal taking place at this time.

So here's the problem. If Ted brings his daughter, who appears to be a few months old in Trilogy Time, to watch Star Wars in 2015 and he's already wearing a wedding ring at this time, how does this fit in with a proposal that takes place in 2015 too?

The easiest answer to this question has been that the show made a mistake. That they meant to say one year instead of two years. From Coming Back, the second episode of this season, we know that Ted and The Mother visit the Farhampton Inn one year after Barney and Robin's wedding. Maybe the writers meant for the proposal to be during the same weekend.

On Thursday, HIMYM creator Carter Bays took to Twitter to say, "Re: #HIMYM continuity... well played, home detectives! But not a mistake. Keep watching!"

Hmmm, interesting. Very interesting.

If what we saw in The Lighthouse wasn't a mistake, how does the HIMYM timeline fit together now?
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