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'Happy Endings' Season 3 DVD Set Is Available Now, But It's Manufacture-On-Demand

Happy Endings Season 3 is out on DVD ... just not in a traditional way. Popculturology reported that the show's third season would be available on DVD on Oct. 1, so when that date came and went, we started getting suspicious. Where was it? Was this one final cruel trick being played on Happy Endings fans?

Well, the answer to that is sadly kind of a "yes." While the first two seasons of Happy Endings were given traditional DVD releases, the kind that resulted in products that you could easily purchase on Amazon or even go to a store like Best Buy to pick up, Season 3 is Manufacture-On-Demand. Popculturology has reached out to Sony in hopes of finding out why this decision was made, but we've yet to get a response.

What's Manufacture-On-Demand, you ask? Normally, studios just manufacture a ton of copies of a DVD release, sending them to warehouses and stores. I guess under this method, there's an assumption that people will buy up the stock. Manufacture-On-Demand pretty much assumes no one wants to buy a product. You can purchase Season 3 of Happy Endings, but your copy won't be created until after you order it.

It looks like CreateSpace, a part of Amazon, will manufacture a DVD set for you after you place your order. While these DVDs will probably look like a normal release, they'll actually be DVD-Rs, which Amazon says are "expected to play back in DVD Video 'play only' devices, and may not play in other DVD devices, including recorders and PC drives." Hopefully you don't use a computer DVD drive to play your DVDs.

Thanks, everyone involved with this process. You screwed over Happy Endings' devoted fan base every chance you got — airing episodes out of order, delaying seasons, teasing us with a USA Network pickup. Why should releasing Season 3 on DVD, the final interaction between the series and its fans, be any different. You guys suck.
'Happy Endings' Season 3 DVD Set Is Available Now, But It's Manufacture-On-Demand Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 10/03/2013 Rating: 5

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