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'Girl Meets World' Permanently Grounds Cory and Topanga's Oldest Son

There was a running joke in Boy Meets World about Morgan, the younger sister of Cory Matthews, being in the longest timeout after her character disappeared from the show for a season. Elliot Matthews, who was for a short time the hypothetical oldest son of Cory and Topanga, won't even be that lucky. On Sunday, TVLine reported that the character had been dropped from Girl Meets World, the Boy Meets World sequel series.

Over the weekend, Teo Halm had tweeted, "So guys, Disney decided that it wouldn't work to have an older brother on the show; I won't be on Girl Meets World. Thank you to everyone." Shortly after that, Danielle Fishel tweeted back to Halm, saying, "Teo, you are an incredible talent and I adore you. You may still call me 'mom.'"

According to TVLine, Disney has confirmed Halm's departure, stating that, "Various creative changes are often made as a project transitions from pilot to series."

Hopefully this doesn't mean Girl Meets World has hit a bumpy patch. I was talking to Popculturology contributing writer Anton Ali about this story earlier on Sunday, and he pointed out that it never really made sense for Cory and Topanga to have a son this old. While Cory had Eric as an older brother, Amy and Alan Matthews weren't the young parents that Cory and Topanga are.
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