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Chloe Grace Moretz Unleashes Her Jedi Powers in New 'Carrie' Clip

Word around the Internet is that we're very close to a big Star Wars: Episode VII announcement, with Lucasfilm possibly revealing the cast of the upcoming Star Wars sequel. In fact, there's even a chance you're reading this article after Lucasfilm has already done this.

Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm and the announcement that Episode VII was on its way happening almost a year ago. One rumor that we've been hearing from the beginning is that Chloe Grace Moretz will be in Episode VII. According to some reports, Matthew Vaughn was close to directing the movie at one point, and with his Kick-Ass connections to Moretz, those rumors made sense. Over the past few weeks, the actress has tweeted about marathoning the Star Wars movies. Interesting, huh? Pair that with the chance that she had lunch with Episode VII director JJ Abrams, and this rumor has some heft to it.

On Tuesday, MGM released a new clip from Carrie, the upcoming adaption of the Stephen king novel of the same name starring Moretz. In the clip, Carrie sends her mother, played by Julianne Moore, into the closet using some pretty Jedi-esque moves. Perhaps a preview of what lies in store for Mortez?

Carrie hits theaters on Oct. 18. Star Wars: Episode VII is expected in theaters in May 2015.

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