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Kate Upton Schools Jimmy Fallon in Flip Cup

Kate Upton hasn't been on Popculturology in awhile. Thanks to Jimmy Fallon, that changes now. Lat week on Late Night, Upton joined Fallon in a game of flip cup. As Upton points out, she didn't go to college, which gave her the justification to not be familiar with the game.

Or, at least that's what she claimed.

After struggling to land her first cup, Upton proceeded to nail the rest of her cups on either the first or second try, all while Fallon was stuck on his second cup. "Do you want help? Do you want me to help you?" Upton asked Fallon. While the late-night host protested, Upton easily flipped several of his cups.

Head past the jump to watch Upton and Fallon play flip cup.

Kate Upton Schools Jimmy Fallon in Flip Cup Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 9/21/2013 Rating: 5

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