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BOX OFFICE REPORT (SEPT. 6-8): Vin Diesel's 'Riddick' Defeats 'The Butler' Over Weak Weekend

Dismal weekend at the box office, folks. As summer winds down, the movies struggled to give us a hit this past weekend. Vin Diesel's Riddick won the weekend in unspectacular fashion, failing to even break $20 million. Lee Daniels' The Butler's run at No. 1 wrapped up. The movie, along with Instructions Not Included, We're the Millers and Planes, all stuck around in the top five.

One Direction: This Is Us, last week's No. 2, plummeted in its second weekend, falling over 74 percent and dropping out of the top five. Hopefully Robert De Niro's The Family and Insidious: Part 2 can bring the box office back to life next weekend.

1. Riddick (N)
Weekend gross: $18.67 million / Total domestic gross: $18.67 million / Percent drop: NA
Riddick failed to live up to its predecessor's opening weekend, bringing in $18.67 million compared to The Chronicles of Riddick's $24.29 million. I can't really say that anyone was looking forward to another movies in this franchise, and — strangely enough — I don't really think this franchise was looking for any new fans. Riddick is an odd movie, with very little effort made to draw in new viewers. After seeing it, I had to look up the first two movies on Wikipedia to remember how everything tied together.

2. Lee Daniels' The Butler (1)
Weekend gross: $8.90 million / Total domestic gross: $91.90 million / Percent drop: 40.2
Lee Daniels' The Butler will definitely cross the $100 million mark, but how much steam does it have left? I never expected it to hold onto the No. 1 spot forever, but a roughly 40 percent drop could mean that The Butler's run of box office glory is coming to an end.

3. Instructions Not Included (4)
Weekend gross: $8.1 million / Total domestic gross: $20.31 million / Percent increase: 3.2
A week after its surprise top-five opening, Instructions Not Included has a Wikipedia page. More importantly, the Spanish-language film expanded its theater count and had a higher-grossing weekend than it did a week ago. Instructions Not Included isn't playing at full release yet — what kind of potential does this movie has?

4. We're the Millers (4)
Weekend gross: $7.93 million / Total domestic gross: $123.84 million / Percent drop: 37.7
We're the Millers has been very fortunate when it comes to having little in the way of comedy competition. The movie has now grossed more than The Hangover Part III, trumping that movie's $112.20 million lifetime gross. When do we start talking about We're Still the Millers?

5. Planes (5)
Weekend gross: $4.27 million / Total domestic gross: $79.28 million / Percent drop: 44.9
Congrats on your continued top five run, Dane Cook.

Next week's predictions
1. Insidious: Chapter 2
2. The Family
3. Lee Daniels' The Butler
4. Instructions Not Included
5. We're the Millers

SOURCE: Box Office Mojo
BOX OFFICE REPORT (SEPT. 6-8): Vin Diesel's 'Riddick' Defeats 'The Butler' Over Weak Weekend Reviewed by Bill Kuchman on 9/09/2013 Rating: 5

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