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Your Day in Pop Culture (Friday, July 19, 2013)

This Day in Pop Culture History
1903: The first Tour de France is won by Maurice Garin. He was probably doping too, right?

Famous People Have Birthdays Too
1924: Pat Hingle, actor (Hang 'Em High, Batman, The Land Before Time)
1945: George Dzundza, actor (Law and Order, The Deer Hunter, Jesse)
1947: Brian May, guitarist (Queen)
1948: Beverly Archer, actress (Major Dad, Project ALF, Mam's Family)
1961: Lisa Lampanelli, comedienne
1962: Anthony Edwards, actor (Top Gun, ER, Nothern Exposure)
1966: Nancy Walls, comedienne married to Steve Carell (Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, The Office)
1982: Jared Padalecki, actor (Gilmore Girls, Supernatural)
1984: Kaitlin Doubleday, actress (Waiting, Catch Me If You Can, Accepted)

Who's On What Tonight: Your Guide to Late-Night TV
LENO: Bobby's World's Howie Mandel, RIPD's Marisa Miller, singer Sara Bareilles
FALLON: RIPD's Jeff Bridges, former George Clooney girlfriend Stacy Keibler, music group Jesse and the Rippers
FERGUSON: Glee's Jane Lynch, music group Goo Goo Dolls

In Theaters This Weekend
Turbo: The only explanation I have for this movie is that DreamWorks Animation is trying to win a bet that they could make a worse movie about racing than Cars 2.
The Conjuring: If you can tell this movie apart from every other movie about a haunting, you deserve a prize.
Girl Most Likely: Kristen Wiig's follow-up to Bridesmaids finally hits theaters.
Only God Forgives: Drive duo Ryan Gosling and Nicholas Winding Refn reunite to beat the crap out of some more bad guys.
RIPD: Jeff Bridges channels his True Grit character to fight dead guys who won't stay dead.
Red 2: Bruce Willis and Catherine Zeta-Jones are still movie stars ... ?
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